Sky \su-kah-i\
Sukkah City Competition NYC 2010
In Collaboratin With:
Ayumi Sugiyama, Chat Travieso, and Anabelle Pang

This project is a hybrid between the traditional rules and notions
of what a sukkah might be and the potential experiences and
opportunities of a public pavilion in one of the busiest squares in
the world. Built for both passers by and those who wish to sit and
meditate, it strives to expand the collective experience of the sukkah
by creating new perceptual boundaries through screening, reflection,
and undulation.

Constructed with off-the-shelf 4” x 4”x 12’ lumber and plywood, our
sukkah creates an open system that appears solid from the corner
entries and dematerializes in elevation. These vertical elements are cut
at various lengths and arranged to create varying spatial conditions in
a manner that naturally draws one’s attention to the sky. Above, the
verticals form an indentation at the roof for the collection of falling
leaves - a natural schach and a reminder of the season of harvest and

Entries at opposite corners lead to a pass-through space with several
spots to pause, sit, and linger. A larger space accommodates groups
of people with stepped benches, while a connected smaller space
has more individual seating, each with their own sectional experience.
The ceiling is an undulating set of mirrored faces that highlight the
perceptual process of the visitors moving through by amplifying
the way they perceive images and light around them. In our starless
cityscape, the mirrors simulate an urbanized night sky with the play
of light and reflection to celebrate what has been rendered invisible.