Urbanism with Keller Easterling
In Collaboration with Rebecca Bayer

This project explores the possibilities of making urbanism from multiple authors; participants in the design process a the scale of the detail. Instead of awarding whole buildings to different architects to create difference, we are parsing out the project at the scale of the detail to create material variety. The authors are not limited to a single building, but come up against each other in different configurations and create a network of relations around the site.

Our role in this pursuit has been to test where and how these details might be deployed to re-define a section of the Gowanus neighborhood in New York City. The project employs prototypical details such as a water remediation tile system, custom curtain walls, various balcony sizes and materials, and a sectional relationship by inserting work/live programs and retail space. The design uses these specific details as placeholders for more individuated variations produced by multiple authors within the same deployment.