ARCHIZINES at STOREFRONT for Art and Architecture, April 18th-June 9th

A double exhibition with 80 magazines, 80 feet of books and other printed matters.
designed by \ / | < | \ | (Giancarlo Valle, Isaiah King and Ryan Neiheiser)
Archizines + Arch-Art! Books is a double exhibition consisting of Archizines curated by Elias Redstone (April 18 - June 9, 2012) and Arch-Art! Books, curated by Adam O'Reilly for Printed Matter, Inc. ( May 5 - June 9, 2012) that brings to the table a hypothesis: printed matter matters . The exhibition draws inspiration from the quintessential New York model of publication display - the news stand - and turns it on its side. Instead of a vertical, 2-dimensional billboard, the show offers a horizontal, 3-dimensional field of objects: 80 architecture publications displayed on delicate metal rods, that emerge from the floor. The exhibition removes all other content from the space, creating an information vacuum that focuses the visitor’s attention on the objects themselves: 80 architecture magazines, fanzines and journals from over 20 countries that provide new platforms for commentary, criticism, and research.

Images © Naho Kubota 2012